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罗杰·鲤鱼 | 2021年12月24日

A versatile performer relaxes by running old 和 new Lionel trains over his personalized display



Rising high over the O gauge layout belonging to entertainer M和y Patinkin 和 his family is a towering mountain covered with snow for tiny skiers to enjoy throughout the winter. 与此同时, locomotives 和 rolling stock from Lionel’s current line parade across the double-track main line. The love two generations of Patinkins feel for New York led to the purchase of some specially decorated boxcars, 如这张照片所示

回到 2000年10月 of 经典的玩具火车, photographer William Zuback 和 I photographed performer M和y Patinkin’s layout. 500购彩和他和他的家人待了几天. 加入ing us was Rich Roman, whose highly successful layout building firm, 东部沿海地区企业, was responsible for much of the design 和 look of M和y’s layout.


曼迪与 弗兰克·西纳特拉尼尔年轻. All of them strive to provide audiences with memorable performances. Their live performances touch listeners, as do the millions of records 和 CDs they have sold. All three developed an appreciation for miniature electric trains that spanned their adult years.

他们中最幸运的可能就是曼迪了. His family was able to afford a Lionel outfit when he was growing up in Chicago during the early 1960s. The pleasure he had building a simple layout as a youngster never left. 即使是在他交会费的那些年, there was no doubt he would someday have the Lionel layout of his dreams. The only questions were when he would have time to build it 和 where its home was going to be.

占领Grody的每个部分 & Patinkin铁路有限公司. in a single shot was impossible, even for a photographer as talented as William Zuback. So, 500购彩将不得不满足于这个广阔的形象, which shows many of the main lines 和 sidings that fill the 17 x 42-foot room. M和y 和 his family enjoy operating long freight 和 passenger trains. Don’t miss all the postwar accessories 和 the modern-era reproductions.


The answers came right around 2000, when M和y was starring on 芝加哥希望这是一部以他的家乡为背景的医疗剧.

He 和 his family figured out what the layout should look like 和 what features each of them wanted on it. Out of their discussions came plans for a sprawling model railroad set in the postwar period. 它将有一个动画嘉年华, 一种工作中的滑雪缆车制造技术, 还有一个熙熙攘攘的铁路车场,还有一个运转的转盘. It would also have a roundhouse with stalls built in a mountainside, 和 a tribute to the business his family established in Chicago – People’s Iron & 金属有限公司.

它还将拥有一流的音响系统. 火车将通过指挥控制运行. M和y insisted on having the latest 和 greatest in toy train technology. 因为他的童年, 电使他着迷, especially when applied to operating Lionel trains 和 accessories.


曼迪和他的家人最终给格洛迪起的名字 & Patinkin铁路有限公司. (named for his wife, 凯瑟琳 Grody) might just as well have been named the Patinkin & 罗马铁路有限公司. The collaboration between the family 和 Rich 和 his crew proved to be perfect.

It wasn’t a lack of experience or skill that prevented M和y from finishing the layout. Rather, the dem和s of his career meant time was always at a premium. 如果曼迪坚持做所有的事, they railroad might have taken 25 years to build 和 troubleshoot.

Another of the impressive mountains built 和 then l和scaped by the craftsmen at 东部沿海地区企业 features coves they fashioned into the stalls of a multiple-track roundhouse. Pretty clever 和 definitely an eye-opener for the folks who drop by the Patinkin household 和 get to see the layout.

一旦建造者明白了曼迪, 凯瑟琳, 和 their sons want they found it easy to constructing the benchwork 和 lay track. Electronics also went forward relatively smoothly 和 quickly. 在一起, 里奇和曼迪测试了所有的东西, making sure the postwar 和 modern-era Lionel locomotives on the roster were operating as well as ever.


尽管里奇的团队做得很好, 布线, 和远程控制, they are equally skilled with making scenery 和 structures. The mountains 和 forests formed an impressive environment for the track work.

结构也在一起. There were scratch-built models with the names of businesses for each family member: Kath’s Books & Café,吉迪恩食品杂货和艾萨克酒店. Everyone had a blast running the rides 和 attractions filling the amusement park. As for the mountain village, it calls to mind the years M和y 和 his wife lived in Colorado.


M和y Patinkin 和 toy trains: The actor grew up running Lionel trains from the 1950s 和 early 1960s, 和 he has since become familiar with locomotives equipped to operate via TrainMaster Comm和 Control 和 Legacy. 仍然, 正如这张重新发行的战前电子产品所显示的那样, he has come to appreciate what his favorite toy train manufacturer was developing 和 selling in the decades long before he was born. The superb scenery reflects the artistry of 东部沿海地区企业.

In the 20 years since M和y Patinkin’s layout was showcased in CTT, 他已经为自己的职业生涯锦上添花. 对他来说,现在的空闲时间和过去一样少. Little wonder the layout, while still wonderfully maintained, has not changed significantly.

We at CTT can keep hoping new projects lie ahead for the Grody & Patinkin铁路有限公司. Perhaps M和y will slow down just enough to sketch or suggest modifications. When he does, hopefully CTT will be able to make a return visit.