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The 莱昂内尔 O gauge Legacy A6 Atlantic, Illinois central No. 1003

由鲍勃·凯勒 | 2020年2月4日




O, 442,大西洋,来自莱昂内尔

价格: $799.99 (no. 1931200) 特点: 压铸金属结构, 无线范围, 温柔的线圈耦合器, 发光的出租车, 可调节烟雾输出, 莱昂内尔遗产指挥和音响系统, 奥德赛II速度控制, Bluetooth capable for LionChief universal remote or LionChief app Low speed (conventional): 5.低速(指令模式):3.规模9英里每小时 目前生产路线名称: 芝加哥 & 西北, 伊利诺斯州中部, 南太平洋(标准或日光), 联合太平洋公司网址:www.莱昂内尔.com


这种型号,在芝加哥提供 & 西北, 伊利诺斯州中部, 南太平洋, 联合太平洋公路名称, will please steam and passenger train enthusiasts with its appearance, 指挥操作的灵活性, 还有令人惊叹的声音包.

The first thing I learned was that the 伊利诺斯州中部 did indeed have a small number of 4-4-2s in its fleet. 可以追溯到20世纪初, the high-stepping passenger locomotives did what Atlantics were known for – pulling fast passenger trains. As they grew older, a small number were converted to freight engines.

正如这个O轨距机车是惊人的, what first caught my eye was the silky smooth gray-and-black paint scheme. The gray smokebox is just the right color to accentuate the headlight and number boards, 施工板, 和分类的灯. 招标也有3镜头标记灯.

The handrails run from the 出租车 along the 锅炉, then gently curve down and around the smokebox. The gray paint also accents the deep, clean casting of the smokebox rivets and hinges.

It’s interesting that the pipes to the steam chests start out gray, but below the running board they match the black of the pilot, 锅炉, 出租车, 和温柔的. 我觉得这是个漂亮的装饰细节.

乍一看,飞行员似乎很可靠, but it does have see-through slats and a scale-size front coupler. All the walking surfaces, such as the pilot and catwalk, are smooth.

The riveting ends with the smokebox, and the key 锅炉 feature is the bands around it. Topside details include a tall smokestack, steam and sand domes, a power generator, and a whistle.

Near the catwalk you’ll find the air compressors and cast-in piping. Below them, the pilot 轮子, running gear, and wheel tires are natural metal.
The 出租车 has riveting on the roof, and at their stations are two crew figures. The flickering firebox glow looks great at slow speeds. The backhead gauges have painted faces, which make the engine’s “control center” look more authentic. 驾驶室下面的燃烧室被漆成了灰色.

The locomotive 和温柔的 are connected with a wireless drawbar. This junction is considerably smaller than those used just a few years back. The tender has steps on all four corners, and you’ll find nice rivet detail on the sides and top. 煤仓里装满了块状煤, which is more realistic than the old hobby standard of a cast-in load.

水舱口有两个秤把手, but a finger can raise the lid and find a manual volume control. Just behind this is a backup light with the engine numbers on the side. Lighting is directional, so when the locomotive is in reverse, the backup light comes on.

The rear has a remote coupler and a simulated uncoupling lever. There are grabirons to help crewmen hoist themselves up to the ladder. Once on top, they can check the light or pour water into the tank. The marker lights on the tender look brilliant in bright light, 但在黑暗中似乎是极好的警告装置!

A scale model, the Atlantic has a wonderfully compact footprint: 16½ inches coupler to coupler. Don’t judge performance by the size; this is a champ.

The first thing you have to decide is how you want to run the locomotive. 有很多选择.

大西洋可以在常规模式下运行. It can also be run with 莱昂内尔’s Legacy command system, 或者它的前身, 车务段长命令控制. You can also add it to the LionChief Universal Remote, or use the app on your tablet or cell phone.

The model performed well regardless of how it was controlled. My personal favorite controls were the Universal remote and the iPhone app. I think the latter is the easiest entry point for doing what most of us do – start and stop, 吹号角或哨子, 按门铃, 和分开车.

这家初创公司听起来不错, 还有蒸汽嘶嘶声的稳定背景噪音, ker-thunks, 船员们的谈话很吸引人. 发动机开始以流体运动的方式前进, 不像20世纪50年代500购彩钟爱的莱昂内尔汽船.

The wow factor for the sound system was best detected when the model was creeping along. You could hear the tortured sound of steel against steel, 轮子, 弹簧, and joints of the engine 和温柔的 that didn’t really want to move. I ended up grabbing several folks passing the workshop and saying, “Hey, you’ve gotta hear this.”

声音和烟雾装置是同步的. The matching chuffs begin slowly, chuff … chuff … chuff, each with a matching puff of smoke. Listening to the sound and watching the running gear move made me smile. As speed picked up, the chuff-puff rates kept up with each other.

The whistle was robust and provided a blast that matched your press of the button – no standardized whistle here.

Crunching the numbers, our conventional low speed was 5.5英里每小时. 命令模式低速为3.9英里每小时. Our high end (limited by the straight run of the test track) was 56.2英里每小时. 牵引杆拉力为16.8盎司.

考虑所有因素, 火车头看起来很棒, 有足够的细节, 并具有极好的声音和烟雾. The days of buying a sharp-looking locomotive and just letting it sit on a shelf are gone. Further, it would be a crime to let a locomotive like this sit around getting dusty.

Oh, and a note to Carl Johnson, Kent made the right choice!