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News & products for the week of November 11, 2021

By | November 11, 2021

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Hostler 2100.


Hostler 2100 AC throttle. Six versions (three each for standard use and display operations). Features speed, direction, whistle/horn, and bell controls; light-emitting-diode indicators for power, track, and overload; and electronic overload protection with auto-reset. Speed response contains a fixed momentum. Requires appropriate AC input power. Panel measures 7-1/2” x 4-1/2” x 2” and has holes for four no. 6 screws. Three current ranges: 3 amps, $169.95; 6 amps, $199.95; and 12 amps, $249.95. Add $20 each for version with remote input controls. Dallee Electronics Inc., ,

Hostler 2100.
Hostler 2100.

PP-1502 power pack. Features protection circuit and display with voltage and current. Input voltage: 5V/2A (USB/Type-C connection), 12V/3A (AC power adapter). Variable output, 0.7V to 15V; fixed output, 10V to 12V. Maximum 2A output voltage. Main unit price, $115.58; AC adapter, $46.23. Prices may vary based on exchange rate. Flatoak Co. Ltd.,

FlatOak PP-1502 power pack.
FlatOak PP-1502 power pack.


Dallee Electronics Inc. catalog no. 75. Features coverage of new and existing products in full color, including Hostler 2100 AC throttle, HiLine sound systems, speakers, timers, turntable indexer, detection products, and more. 40 pages. $10 with orders, $15 via U.S. Postal Service, and free from website. Dallee Electronics, Inc., ,

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