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加州州长视察火车盗窃案现场, announces funding to address issue (updated)

By | 2022年1月21日




加州州长. Gavin 新闻om cleans up empty boxes at the site of a series of thefts from Union Pacific trains in Los Angeles during a visit on Thursday. 纽森宣布为解决这一问题提供资金. (加州州长办公室,通过推特)

洛杉矶-加州政府. Gavin 新闻om visited the site of a series of much-publicized thefts from Union Pacific intermodal trains on Thursday, promising the state would provide $255 million over three years to help combat the problem.

洛杉矶每日新闻报道 纽森说,这笔钱将拨给当地执法机构, 扩充现有的有组织零售盗窃特遣队.

“This is not a one-off — this is organized theft,” 新闻om told a press conference. “These folks are arrested as if they’re not connected to the whole, and we need to change that.”

Another $18 million over three years will create a unit in the state attorney general’s office to investigate and prosecute cross-jurisdictional retail theft, 他说.

纽森还说,加州公路巡警, 洛杉矶警察局, 洛杉矶县警局, 联合太平洋警察将一起在该地区巡逻, 和调查.

“We recognize that we need each other in terms of organizing a framework to support our efforts to hold folks to account and to secure these sites,”纽森说, 并让人们对长期的工作负责.”

Assistant Chief Charlie Sampson of the CHP said the agency was creating a special task force assigned to the UP which would operate for 90 to 100 days, 然后评估其有效性.

On Thursday’s earnings call, UP CEO Lance Fritz also noted the organized nature of the problem.

“一些曾经令人讨厌的东西, 两年前就可以了, members in a neighborhood would see a train not moving and might take advantage of trying to pop open a box to see what’s inside. 今天,这是更有组织的,”弗里茨说.
“500购彩搂着它, 500购彩已经清理了那个地方, 500购彩将加强该地区的安全. 500购彩将设置物理安全屏障. 这是不幸的. 它不一定漂亮. But it will protect our property and more importantly it will protect our employees,” Fritz says. “这可能是我最大的担忧……500购彩讨厌影响500购彩的客户。. 500购彩真的不能忍受把500购彩的员工置于危险之中.”
-下午1:30更新.m. CST和Fritz评论




23个想法"加州州长视察火车盗窃案现场, announces funding to address issue (updated)

  1. 我有个主意,加文. Talk to your progressive liberal DA’s (elected courtesy of George Soros) about prosecuting thieves instead of giving them free reign. 现在,他们没什么好害怕的,所以为什么要停止呢? 还有打击赃物的销售方式. 我打赌易趣网上到处都是赃物的贴子. Wonder if these lowlifes are using social media to announce a stopped intermodal train that’s ready to be attacked. 或许推特(Twitter)和脸书(Facebook)可以暂时停止压制保守派, 然后把精力花在追捕这些小偷上.

    1. 错误的, the only people to blame for this fiasco is the citizens of this state that voted to pass the 2 propositions that 1. raised to $950 the amount that qualifies as a misdemeanor instead of a felony, and 2. 也缩短了犯罪的刑期. 我对这两项提案都投了反对票, the only people that the citizens of California have to blame is themselves…not the liberal DA’s who are only enforcing the laws “WE” passed as written.

  2. If this slug wants to know why crime is soaring in California he need only look in the mirror. I’m not the least interested in his various explanations until he blames himself.

    500购彩为加拿大和墨西哥的太平洋港口欢呼, 以及巴拿马运河扩建后的大西洋港口. 是时候抵制加州了.

  3. 增加资金? 对盗窃? 提高每天可以偷的数量? 现在你知道为什么民众要从这些蓝色州迁移了…

    Hey 新闻ome how about enforcing current laws by eliminating your silly “woke” “defund the police” “minorities are constant victims” agenda…

  4. 增加巡逻? 安装一系列网络摄像头怎么样.

    减少出入,设置功能性屏障. 功能性意味着它们不能被家得宝(首页 Depot)的一对夹子剪断.

  5. 喜欢拍照. The UP obviously allowed Gavin to snap a photo or two without regard for a proper reflective safety vest. 我猜他在现场待了不到十分钟.

  6. 如果我错了,请纠正我, 但不是在运输途中受美国海关担保的集装箱? If some latter Jesse James wannabe breaks into one of these, isn’t this a federal offense? 因为这可能是事实, 联邦检察官而不是地方检察官可以对联邦犯罪提起诉讼. I believe the same is true for other trailers and containers as it is interstate commerce.

  7. 有组织的小偷根本不在乎谁是老大, 所以老板名字前面的D或R对他们来说毫无意义. 犯罪有很多种形式,发生在R州和D州. 与新冠病毒一样,犯罪和疾病没有政治派别. 真的有人认为所有过度拥挤的监狱都只存在于D州吗? Reverting back to medieval forms of punishment, as harsh as it seems, might get the message across. 一只手不见了什么也偷不了.

    1. 美国一些不同地区的政策增加了犯罪. 容器就是最新的例子, but it’s similar to San Francisco’s recent change in how they define and enforce shoplifting laws.

      纽瑟姆非常热衷于捐钱, but simply returning to how things were before this crazy DA came along would solve the problem for free.

      I suspect most crimes are committed by people who would have been in jail had we enforced their full sentences.

      北方邦肯定很尴尬. 纽瑟姆和他下面的人都应该知道.

    2. 有趣的, 我不记得在德州有过类似的故事, where we have plenty of intermodal traffic that seems to get to its destination unmolested. Maybe it’s because we actually prosecute thieves regardless of the value of the property.

  8. 他在找他没有得到的圣诞礼物.
    I wonder if the UP saying they wanted to get out of LA had anything to do with this.
    亚历山大 , you are right that it is a federal crime but you see no mention of them helping address the problem.

  9. 为什么它是, that tax money is going to be allocated to clean up trash that’s on railroad property in the first place? I can not believe that Union Pacific Railroad a class 1 railroad have let their property get this way, 我知道这是加州,但还是. 不是纳税人的钱? 你知道的,你不能解决愚蠢的. 这是一个联邦问题, 联邦法律已经被违反,地方法律也长期存在, 而且这些地方检察官也没有做好他们的工作? I’m sure that LA County jails are full of people setting on their butts not doing a thing but watching TV. 为什么不让他们为铁路清理这些垃圾, 这就是你们所说的500购彩纳税人的钱在起作用. 这也是联邦犯罪和地方犯罪.
    You are kidding about what this governor says what needs to be done, that’s a joke.
    One thing the governor did say that is partly true it does look like a third world California, 非常难过. 联太公司需要清理他们的财产, 这不是一夜之间发生的,这也是他们的责任. 为什么联合太平洋公司早在现在之前就没有开始清理他们的财产? 你为什么要让你的财产变成这样?
    Clean it now and put these people in jail and keep them in jail and hold these people accountable for their actions to the fullest of the federal law and local law and get these so call DA’s out and put someone in-charge that will fight for law-abiding legal citizens.

  10. 他在这乱糟糟的情况下拍这样的照片合适吗
    他和他的亲信已经成功了. 真遗憾,那里的人一直在选举这帮邪恶的家伙.

  11. 我看了关于这个问题的新闻视频. 这比你在附图中看到的要糟糕得多. 废弃的打开的箱子太多了,我看不见排水沟上有什么压舱物. 据报道,, UP sent a letter promising to quit doing business in the LA basin unless this was corrected. 当政府忽视显而易见的事实时,他们就会失败. I worry the next event will be injury or harm to the crews operating in this “no man’s land”. 北方邦正是为这种保护支付了财产税.

  12. I saw an article in our news that the UP stated they had cleaned the area in December and all of this has occurred since then. 有评论称,每天有多达90个集装箱被撬开.