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Norfolk Southern reports some headway against congestion, crew hiring

比尔斯蒂芬斯 | December 13, 2021

New President Alan Shaw details hiring efforts in response to STB chairman


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Man in orange vest climbing onto black locomotive
Man in orange vest climbing onto black locomotive
2019年8月,加拿大太平洋公司Bensenville Yard,一名机组人员爬上诺福克南方机车. 国家铁路管理局主席艾伦·肖在给地面运输委员会的一封信中表示,铁路公司在解决人员短缺问题上取得了进展. (火车: David Lassen)

亚特兰大消息——诺福克南方航空公司正在招聘乘务员,以填补系统关键区域人员短缺的空缺, railroad President Alan Shaw has told federal regulators.

Smiling man in coat and tie
Norfolk Southern President Alan Shaw. (NS)

“500购彩认识到500购彩目前的服务水平没有达到客户或500购彩的期望. 500购彩也明白500购彩在支持客户的商业计划和国家经济方面所扮演的关键角色,肖在信中写道 a Friday letter to STB Chairman Martin J. Oberman that was posted to the agency’s website today. “We are in business to provide an efficient, 可靠的运输服务,500购彩非常积极地恢复客户期望的服务水平,并处理更多的货物.”

Oberman wrote to NS CEO Jim Squires on Nov. 23, 要求他解释铁路公司不断恶化的业绩指标和不断增多的发货人投诉 “Federal regulators ask Norfolk Southern …,” 火车 新闻线,11月. 23, 2021]. Shaw was named NS president on Dec. 3 and will assume the CEO role on May 1.

“诺福克南部目前正在500购彩网络的关键部分经历严重的劳动力短缺. These shortfalls are primarily concentrated in Birmingham, Ala.,在500购彩的CNO&TP corridor between Cincinnati, Ohio and Chattanooga, Tenn.以及位于布法罗和宾厄姆顿之间的部分南线.Y.肖写道,“.

“We have suffered unexpectedly high rates of attrition in these areas, which spiked during late September and October. These attrition rates have been compounded by hiring challenges, as the entire transportation industry, along with other sectors of the economy, face an unusually tight and rapidly evolving labor market.

“As a result of these workforce challenges, 500购彩在伯明翰和查塔努加面临车场拥堵,而在CNO上的火车流量更慢&TP and the Southern Tier. 500购彩在这些地区所经历的压力已经对网络的其他部分产生了连带影响,”他写道.

NS在减少伯明翰和查塔努加分类站的拥堵方面取得了进展, as well as on its CNO&感恩节期间,传统上销量会下降.

“500购彩还没有在南线取得类似的进展,但500购彩在那里的努力, and throughout the challenged portions of our network, 继续肖写道,“.

The railroad’s average train speed fell to 16.9 mph in November, a multiyear low that was down from 19.4 mph in October and 21.1 mph in September. Average train speed for the week ending Dec. 3人反弹至18.9 mph, according to data reported to the STB.

Dwell rose to an average of 28 hours in November, up from 23.6 in October and 22.9月1日. As of the week ending Dec. 3, dwell had improved to 27 hours.

平均每天的列车保有量有所下降,但仍居高不下,为62辆, 48小时内没有移动的汽车数量也在增加.

NS had 285 people in conductor training as of Dec. 6, up from 114 in June. 铁路公司计划从现在开始到3月末增加列车长培训管道的人数, 萧伯纳写的.

NS has identified 939 conductor trainee candidates, 他写了, 并向现有的火车和发动机机组人员以及未来的员工提供留任奖金.

“简而言之, 500购彩正在竭尽所能,以应对高人员流失和劳动力市场紧张所带来的挑战,为500购彩的客户提供所需的资源肖写道,“.

9 .关于“Norfolk Southern reports some headway against congestion, crew hiring

  1. 曾经有一段时间,成为一名铁路运营员工是一件非常令人向往的事情, good paying occupation/career. Not so much anymore, apparently.

  2. Was not one of the perceived benefits of PSR the improvement of T&计划、休息时间,从而提高船员及其家人的生活质量?

  3. 2010年,我在nsf工作,后来去BNSF工作,我今天仍然在那里工作. From the day I hired on, 每一个同事, 旧的头, 退休人员, etc… would say “if you can get hired on any other RR, 这样做. This place is the worst road to work for.” They weren’t kidding. NS is all about “submission”. They treat you like dirt. 他们的力量是所有铁路中最肮脏,最难闻,最糟糕的力量. 他们不关心的“船员舒适”有他们的引擎设置关闭后5 - 15分钟闲置,没有能力延长它. 所以在炎热的夏天,坐在塑料座椅上汗流浃背,没有空调. Now even in winter these units shut down. 大多数铁路,比如BNSF,你可以延长“供电”120分钟,这样你就有空调和暖气了. 不是在NS. No refrigerators in the cabs either. 不. Forced to carry 10 lb bags of ice along with your grip everywhere. Heck, they only put “toilets” in the cab in the late ’90’s / early 2000’s. Can you imagine that ??? They gave you a 5 gallon bucket and serialized “s__t bags. That’s “submission”. The morale is pitiful. Turnover is outrageous. 南诺福克赢得了“南方纳粹”的绰号,他们的管理相当于党卫军.

    1. The serialized s—-t bags were so the employer could trace them if a T&E crew dumped them overboard. The lack of toilets was long ago but there seem to be other issues ongoing.

    2. 我记得在诺福克兰伯特角(Lamberts Point)的动力商店看到(闻到)燃烧桶,也就是那些袋子被丢弃的地方.

  4. 没有提到他们两年前解雇的数百人,他们认为这是造成今天物资短缺的原因. Their attitude: “Darn if we know why no one wants to work for us”.

  5. Of course there are “crew shortages”……almost all self induced. 在Conrail公司,一个船员就能轻松完成的跨部门作业现在需要一个甚至两个船员. Notch restrictions, underpowered two- and three mile long trains, 拒绝RF的允许闲置的单位被放回线上这一切加起来节省燃料,“帮助”圣杯的RO, 但他们很方便地找到了一种方法来隐藏宝贵而昂贵的船员资源的浪费.

  6. In the mid 70s when I started with the Southern Railway Mechanical Dept. 他们刚刚在所有的公路引擎上安装了微型厕所. 该系统使用空气将废物冲进一个包含特定微生物的消化池,这些微生物将废物分解成无害的液体,然后排出.

    虽然早期的Microphors有他们的设计问题和问题,但他们正在变得更好. 在south -NW合并后,所有这些设备都被移除,并替换为一个桶系统中的NW标准袋.


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