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比尔的脚腕 | 2018年5月21日




Kalmbach出版有限公司.; 416 pages, softcover, 6 x 9 inches; $24.99.

计划一趟以火车为中心的欧洲之旅颇具挑战性, since most travel guidebooks are written for a general audience and don’t necessarily contain specific information that a railfan would like to know. 布赖恩•所罗门用他那本色彩缤纷的《500购彩App》填补了这一空白, 哪部电影是在夏季旅游季发布的. The book is specifically written to assist traveling railfans plan trips to 18 European countries (21 if you count components of Britain separately).

In the preface, Solomon explains that this book “isn’t intended as a comprehensive guide.” 这 allows him to concentrate on “places that I’ve found to be most interesting and most worthy of revisiting.” 这 is a key point because it is impossible to cover every point of interest in these 18 countries in a 400-page book. 这 explains the lack of coverage of Denmark and Poland; Solomon chooses to focus on locations he considers worth visiting given limited time and budget. He does a good job presenting practical travel advice while discussing interesting places, 既是游客又是火车迷, 参观.

Solomon writes that the book is the result of more than 20 years of research, 回顾一下这本书里的照片就可以证实这一点. 由于天气条件的原因,在欧洲部分地区摄影可能是一项挑战, and in order to obtain quality images it helps to learn the good photo spots and to be able to return as often as necessary to get the shot. 这 book contains photos of general tourist attractions interspersed with material more oriented to railfan interest. 一些照片巧妙地结合了游客和铁路爱好者的兴趣. Examples include the cover view of a German regional train passing a medieval tower at Oberwesel, 穿过塞纳河的巴黎地铁, and a Lisboa tram passing the ancient cathedral which was built by 葡萄牙’s first king on the site of an old mosque in 1150. A few vintage photos from the author’s father provide a welcome contrast from contemporary material while serving a reminder that the only constant is change. 在一般情况下, the quality of illustrations is high and one could justify getting this book just for the photos.

European rail travel has changed significantly since Richard Solomon caught a Trans Europ Express departing Hamburg in 1960. It is disappointing to read about the demise of traditional intercity trains, especially the international overnight sleeper services that were once commonplace on the Continent. 这 book discusses some of the remaining overnight trains and Solomon reports that France’s SNCF still operates a diminished number of “Intercites” trains pulled by classic French electrics featuring the distinctive inward slanting windshields. 荷兰和葡萄牙也出现了这种火车头. 和, 在关于英国的那一章中, it is nice to see photos of 40-year old High Speed 火车 in regular service, 尽管在当代的绘画方案中.

In many cases, TGV, ICE, AVE, and Thalys services have replaced classic intercity trains. 然而, the new high-speed routes are not always the optimal for the traveler more interested in scenery. 例如, 在关于德国的那一章, considerably more ink is devoted to the lines that parallel the Rhine River than the Koln-Frankfurt high-speed line that serves the premier intercity market. 因为大部分的客运都转移到了新线路上, track capacity for local passenger and some freight trains has opened up on the historic Rhine lines. 除了科隆这样的地方, 波恩和科布伦茨, 像奥伯韦塞尔这样的风景优美的河边小镇吸引着铁路迷. 其中一张莱茵河的照片显示了一辆看起来很熟悉的Stadler动车组列车. It turns out that the same manufacturer will provide EMUs for the Caltrain operation that connects San Jose with San Francisco. 尽管在莱茵-缅因- verkehrverbahn的调情车是单层的, 它们与Caltrain订购的两层车有家族相似性.

Another scenic highlight Solomon identifies is Austria’s Semmering Pass route, 建于1848年至1852年,是维也纳-里雅斯特“Sudbahn”的一部分.“这是对这条历史线的一个很好的描述, which is quite scenic and benefited from an early review of US mountain railroading. 然而, omitted in the sidebar on the Sudbahn’s history is the story that brought the Semmering Pass route to the attention of 火车 readers. 这, 当然, 是1961年7月测试的SP 9000吗, one of the first Krauss-Maffei diesel-hydraulic locomotives built for Southern Pacific and D&RGW. 大卫·P. 摩根在1961年10月的 火车.

许多乘火车度假的人都是这样, 当然, 寻找蒸汽或其他老式设备. Solomon discusses several historic operations and railway museums that are worth a visit, 比如蓝铃花, 北部约克郡荒原, 塞文谷和英格兰大中央铁路, 威尔士的Ffestiniog和唐帕特里克 & 爱尔兰南部铁路. 和, 当然 no visit to Germany would be complete without a ride on a narrow gauge steam train, 位于前东德. 这些都是壮观的, 例如, the Lossnitz Valley Railway in suburban Dresden crosses a tram (streetcar) line at grade and a lucky photographer can get both types of vehicles in one photograph. 所罗门还提到了著名的哈尔茨山脉, 位于前东德和西德的边界附近. 和 aficionados of vintage diesel locomotives will not want to miss 葡萄牙’s Museu Nacional Ferroviario, 哪些特点的一个大口径出口版本的艾科RS-3.

Brian Solomon delivers a first-rate guide to the modern European rail scene. It is difficult to keep up with all the developments on European railways due to their collective size and complexity. 例如, this reviewer was unaware that Switzerland’s Furka Oberalp Bahn (FO) and Brig-Visp-Zermatt-Bahn (BVZ) had merged to form the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn a few years back. 还有最后的85页, 致力于芬兰, 瑞典, 挪威, 西班牙, 葡萄牙, 捷克共和国, 斯洛伐克和匈牙利, cover countries that are mostly underrepresented in the North American railfan press. (虽然 火车 上世纪80年代曾在西班牙和葡萄牙做过一次很好的旅行报道.) 这 book fills a void in the available literature on European railways and I can recommend it highly.